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Who has the keys to your home?

Here is why you should always rekey your home when you move in. Whenever you purchase or lease a new home, condo or an apartment you need to understand that the seller, landlord or property management company very rarely rekey their properties.  Therefore, it is a true concern to be worried about who has the keys to your home. Previous owners and tenants commonly distribute their keys to friends and family, thus, who knows who may have the key to your residence.


Why should you replace your locks at least every ten years?

Over the period of ten years, just imagine how many times you have stuck the key into the lock and opened and locked the door, probably thousands . Now think about the weather extremes, hot, cold, humidity, wind with fine dirt particles getting into the mechanisms. All of these factors take a gradual toll on your locks. Due to all of these factors you can clearly see how your locks look on the outside. Replacing your locks for how they look on the outside is the least reason that you should replace them. Most common locks are made of relatively soft metals like brass and metal alloys (also known as pig metals). these soft metals wear down quite a bit due to all of the above factors and these locks become much easier to compromise, leaving your home at an increased risk for a successful breakin.  


Why should you trust D & D Lock and Key?

To start with, we are fully licenced locksmiths by the State of California's Bureau of Security and Investigative Services . In order to become a licenced locksmith you must undergo a lengthy background investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you don't get through this scrutiny with flying colors you won't become a licenced locksmith. Next, my partner and I have been serving our largest client at the tune of over a thousand homes per year for the last few years. We have been performing whole house rekeys, lock repairs and replacements, gaining access for the sheriff's department during evictions, gaining access for 24hr inspections, emergency lockouts, maintaining a master key system and mailbox lock replacements. This makes us experts at what we do, because there is little that we haven't seen. I would also like to point out that we always go the extra mile to take care of our clients. We truly want your business and will always strive to make sure that you are more than satisfied with our service. 



Our service area

We provide residential and commercial locksmith services throughout the LA, county, Inland Empire and San Diego  County areas.

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A Top 10 Service


Jennifer Kaleta

Relationship: Client

Project Date: July 2018

Project Price Range: less than $1,000

This is a company that has been in the commercial business for many years and now offering residential services. I was very impressed with David; he came out and firstly fixed my lock so it will at least work until he could come back with new locks the next day. Not many people take the time and go the extra mile. 
When he came to install the new locks he noticed that the replacement would not cover the original holes 100% and knew it would not look great so he went and exchanged it to ensure it was a perfect job. All the locks were keyed to be matched before he even got here and he had extra keys cut and ready for me to use. I now have locks that work! 
It was a pleasure to have such a professional take so much care in my home - I have white carpet and David made sure he did not get anything on it. 

Thanks David, you were a true professional tradesman.

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